Blockchain Software Development

Minto has high competence in the field of blockchain technology and is ready to apply its knowledge and skills to help your company take advantage of all the benefits of using decentralized networks.
We are developing various blockchain solutions, including smart contracts, that allow companies to move to a more transparent and efficient level of operations with a high degree of automation.
Our team consists primarily of high-class front-end, back-end, UX/UI specialists, blockchain developers capable of creating all types of smart contracts, NFT and blockchains for your business needs on a turnkey basis with full-scale testing of product behavior and code security.
To ensure a secure future for your company, we are committed to a long-term partnership. We are ready to improve the proposed blockchain solutions along the way, use the most advanced developments to maximize the integration of blockchain technology into your business.

We offer:

Blockchain development

  • Comprehensive consulting in the sphere of creating advanced blockchain networks with a proper level of security and egalitarianism.
  • Assistance to enterprises and startups in the search, selection and development of a blockchain protocol and further strategy appropriate for your business.
  • Turnkey corporate blockchain development is a unique decentralized solution that opens up new prospects in the future for you.

Product development

  • Decentralized applications (DApps)
    Planning, design, architecture creation, turnkey development, consulting, profitability assessment
  • NFT marketplaces
    Search, selection and development of multifunctional trading platforms for bidding and creation of multi-chain NFTs
  • NFT Games
    Launch of interactive Play-to-Earn/Earn-to-Play game ecosystems
  • Metaverse
    Development of your own virtual space with support for all technical needs and features of your business
  • DAO development
    The creation of an autonomous decision-making system within the community by voting in the blockchain

Smart contracts, cryptocurrencies and tokens

  • Smart contract development to automate business operations for value transfer within the framework of multilateral agreements
  • Creation of secure platforms for efficient trading of digital assets in real time
  • Multi-chain cryptocurrency wallets development with hot and cold storage features for convenient cryptocurrency and token exchange
  • DeFi infrastructure, assistance and development of decentralized finance products to support multi-chain financial transactions
  • Tokenization of assets through value transfer to digital form to ensure the highest liquidity, cost reduction and risk management in the digital environment
Minto creates the technological foundation for your business so that you can work today like the future is already here. Blockchain or decentralized networks are a universal means for growth and reliable control, which will accompany us for the coming decades, and maybe longer.
Minto will help your business move to a new level of order! Experience favorable conditions that lead you to explosive growth!

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